Vacations in Greece- A comprehensive seasons Guide!

Vacations in Greece Akropolis- Christophe Meneboeuf, View of the Acropolis Athens (pixinn.net), CC BY-SA 3.0
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Vacations in Greece- A comprehensive seasons Guide!

Vacations in Greece are a top priority for many Europeans. An enormous amount of people are coming to Crete and Greece for vacation in order to enjoy the Greek sun , beautiful beaches, and untouched nature. In this concise guide we will inform you about the greek summer season in order to be prepared for your trip and choose which summer month is ideal for you.

Vacations in Greece: Summer and Winter.

It is a common misconception that people make vacations in Greece only in the Summer. This is ultimately wrong. It is true that the majority of the tourist traffic comes in Greece during summer months because of our lovely sun, beaches and islands.

Chania Vacation- Balos : Platanias Ariston Beach Resort Executive, Chania
Chania – Vacations in Greece- Balos : Platanias Ariston Beach Resort Executive, Chania

However there are many places ideal for winter vacations in Greece, especially in the northern parts of our country. Hundreds of vacation opportunities during the winter lie in activities like canoe- kayaking, mountain hiking, rafting, river crossing and countless others. We are a country full of mountains as well, and many winter activities can be done near mountains like mount Olympus , mount Taygetus and obviously the White mountains of Crete  and Samaria Gorge .

In this blog we will specialize in the summer months, as Platanias Ariston Executive Hotel is working on the summer months being an ideal place for summer vacation.

Greek Summer Season: A month Overview.

Greek summer season typically starts from April. It is the beginning of spring and the temperatures start to become ideal for summer vacations in Greece. Accordingly, May is still considered a spring month while temperatures are gradually starting to become hotter. Tourist traffic starts to increase as well because not only independent travelers but cruise ships and large tour operators are starting their summer vacation in Greece program.

June is considered the official start of the Greek summer and you will certainly notice an increase in temperatures as well as tourist traffic accordingly.

July is also a hot summer month both in temperatures as well as tourist traffic on all Greek islands. All of the businesses are working to the fullest in order to fulfill the tourist demand . It is considered a high season period and this means that hotel and car rental prices tend to be higher in comparison to the preceding months.

August has to be probably the most iconic Greek Summer month. If you need to explore Greece and the Greek vibe to the fullest you need to visit Greece for vacations in August. This month is considered as the pinnacle of the Greek summer season and despite prices being at their highest point, you will get rewarded with the tourist traffic and vacation spirit that you definitely want to see once in your lifetime.

August is also a typical summer month for Greeks to have vacations. Most locals tend to have their vacations in Greece in August as most big companies are being nearly-or ultimately- closed this month. Workers also are having their paid leave in this month and the reason that this month is preferred for vacations is due to the fact that locals bonded vacation time with a large Greek Orthodox fests that happen on 15 August and designate the euaggelism of virgin Mary.

Orthodox Church- Vacations in Greece
Orthodox Church- Vacations in Greece- 15 August Fests- karol mGreek Orthodox Church Dome and Cross 2CC BY 2.0 

September is also a summer month with much traffic in the Greek Summer. Greeks and foreigners are also having their vacation in September while the temperatures tend to be more mild and the tourist traffic less.

October normally signifies the end of the Greek summer season and has cooler temperatures and also occasional rain and precipitation. We could say that up to 20 of October everything is still working fully and the weather is mild and ideal for external activities like hiking or running. At some places like Crete, in which Platanias Ariston Executive Hotel is located, it is possible to enjoy nice warm weather still in the first half of November as well. If you are the kind of Vacation type that does not want huge crowds then we suggest thinking about those two latter months for your vacation.

traditional thermometer- Rept0n1x, Old Réaumur scale thermometer - IMG 0983, CC BY-SA 3.0
Traditional Thermometer- Pay attention to the temperatures when having vacations in Greece!- Platanias Ariston Executive Hotel

What about Chania?

Chania is a special vacation place as it combines beautiful sandy beaches and desolated mountains of wild beauty. Those mountain ranges are Mount Ida and the White Mountains (Lefka Ori) that we already talked about. Due to this mountainous terrain Chania has a special Microclimate and we insist that you learn more about the Microclimate in Crete ( in order to be more prepared for your stay on our island.

Chania Old Harbour Mosque
Chania Old Harbour Mosque- Vacations in Greece & Chania- Bernard GagnonJanissaries Mosque, ChaniaCC BY-SA 3.0