Vacation in Platanias- 5 bare essentials for your vacation in Chania

Vacation in Platanias- Platanias Ariston Executive Hotel- Fredrik Rubensson, View from Platanias hill-frubensson, CC BY-SA 2.0
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Vacation in Platanias- 5 bare essentials for your vacation in Chania

Platanias is one of the top and most advanced tourist places in Chania. Many greek and foreign tourists come for vacation in Platanias every year. The area is advanced with literally everything you can think of doing vacation wise, numerous shops, restaurants and infrastructure and a long sandy beach to spend your holidays and sightseeing  there. Platanias Ariston Executive hotel lies in the Platanias Beach Area and in this article from our blog  we will pinpoint some useful information in order to make vacation in Platanias a worthwhile experience.


Platanias is full of organised restaurants. You can find in the vicinity numerous dinner opportunities from small beach taverns to luxury restaurants and traditional cretan cuisine restaurants  in order to learn about our foods, ethics and traditions. Many of the restaurants we already talked about are on the main road in the Platanias area and offer you nice views to the sea and to the whole vicinity.

If you need to grab a quick bite, Greek Souvlaki shops are also there to accommodate you, as well as some crepe shops, bakeries and pastry shops. Whether you decide to dine in your hotel or in a nice restaurant nearby you will be rest assured that vacation in Platanias got you covered.

Sea view Restaurants in Platanias - Olive Tree restaurant
Sea view Restaurants in Platanias – Olive Tree restaurant


Platanias is a vacation place in Chania for all ages. Tourists in platanias range from small children and young couples, to pensioners that want a relaxing vacation in Chania close to the beach. Platanias offers you plenty of nightlife options ranging from a relaxing beer or cocktail by the sea to a full club and pool bar night with lots of people and entertainment.

Tourists that come for Vacation in Platanias will have every nightlife option they desire. Platanias is very famous for its nightlife and also it is a very common place for locals to enjoy a nice night out, so you may interact with locals as well when on vacation. There are many shops in the vicinity close to Platanias Ariston Executive Hotel and there are many small (or bigger) bars, pubs and clubs in Platanias square only some meters away from our Boutique hotel in Platanias.

Platanias Vacation - Sunset
Platanias Vacation – Sunset

Vacation in Platanias: History you don’t realise about.

Although people know very well the cosmopolitan and lively atmosphere of vacationing in Platanias, there is also a traditional, folklore and historic side of Platanias Village. Platanias played a vital role in the Battle of Crete (May 1941) as it was close to the center of interest, the Maleme airfield. Numerous historical artifacts were found near Platanias area and are also being found nowadays. One very important remnant of WWII is the war shelter of Platanias  .

The War shelter of Platanias was an establishment made by Germans in order to be used as storage rooms for their operation in Crete. Forced labourers from Platanias village constructed many series of underground tunnels in order to be used during the war period. Views from the war shelter of Platanias are impeccable as it is situated prominently in a hill near Platanias and offers you a panoramic view of Agia Marina and Platanias area.

The war shelter of Platanias nowadays is working as a war museum while it stores war relics, guns, ammunition and many more from that dark period of time when Crete had taken part in world war 2. The war museum entrance is only a kilometer away from Platanias Ariston Executive Hotel and entrance is free, although we recommend that you leave a tip for the preservation and promotion of this museum.

Proximity to place of interest

Many people are choosing to have vacation in Platanias because of its central location to many places of interest. Whether you decide to have a long walk to Chania town centre, or you want a journey to Samaria Gorge or a beach relaxation day to Balos or Falasarna  Platanias is in a very central position that has small distance to cover from major places of interest in Chania region. Being so touristically advanced it also has all the amenities that are needed for you to have a pleasant -and without surprises- vacation time.

Gramvousa- Platanias Ariston - Hotel Platanias Ariston
Gramvousa- Platanias Ariston – Hotel Platanias Ariston

Vacation in Platanias, Chania, Crete? Head for the village! 

Platanias Ariston Executive Hotel believes that we have to respect nature, history, folklore, cuisine and generally what bonds us to the past. It is altogether the things that resulted into making us what we are today. For this reason we invite you to explore the small alleys, the old buildings and settlements of Platanias village, which lies on the hill close to Platanias tourist center.

You will end up exploring the Cretan countryside, bonding with the locals and enjoying unobstructed sea views of the area. By being far from tourist crowds you will get to see another aspect of Platanias you may never have thought of and also realize the scale of the area and the natural beauty that Crete has to offer you.

Vacation in Platanias- Sea views
Vacation in Platanias- Sea views from the beachshore