Vacation In Crete: 4 Souvenir Ideas

Vacation in Crete- Hotel in Platanias Vacation, Thodorou Island
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Vacation In Crete: 4 Souvenir Ideas

Vacation in Crete is a very famous choice amongst travellers, especially Europeans. Many guests of Platanias Ariston are asking what presents or souvenirσ should they bring back from their vacations in Crete. In this article from our blog we have gathered some useful presents that resemble Crete and will be authentic making your presents matter.

Cretan Knives: Our island’ s Long Tradition

Cretan Knives are part of a very old tradition, as they are a crucial part of the Cretan traditional costume (wiki). They are nowadays used only for decorative reasons as part of the Cretan traditional costume or can be hung on to a wall in your living room. They are designed, crafted and created in a specific way on special shops that still can be found on “Maxairadika” or (Μαχαιράδικα) street in the old town of Chania.

Even if you don’t buy a traditional Cretan knife, a walk through maxairadika street can elevate your vacation in Crete as you will explore a different culture and a custom that has existed for many centuries. Dimensions and prices of Cretan Knives can vary, so we recommend that you do your market research when going for a stroll around our Chania old town.

Vacation in Crete: Don’t forget the shepherds!

Crete is now a very famous tourist island with many beauties. However it still is an island with a huge agricultural sector. A big part of this sector is closely bonded to shepherds, sheep, goats and dairy products production which still happens to this day especially on the Cretan “Highlands” and in the White Mountains range.

Cretan Goat- Vacation in Crete: Platanias Ariston
Cretan Goat- Vacation in Crete: Platanias Ariston

A nice souvenir that you can easily bring back is a sheep bell. Many shops are selling authentic sheep bells that have a very distinctive sound as well. They are made of brass and they are being held on the sheepneck through a leather belt. Their original purpose is to be worn by male sheep (the leaders of the group) in order to be heard by the rest of the herd and follow them accordingly. They are still used by sheep and shepherds and are one of the most authentic souvenirs one can get from their vacation in Crete.

Vacation in Crete- Shepherd's Goats- Goats with Bells: Platanias Ariston
Vacation in Crete- Shepherd’s Goats- Goats with Bells: Platanias Ariston

Greek Pottery.

Greek folklore art and pottery creation is very famous still from Homer years. Ancient Greeks would always use ceramic pots for olive storage, olive oil storage and anything that should be preserved. Still to this day there are many factories that are producing ceramic tiles, pots and decorative items made out of clay.

Craftsmanship is always excellent and many of the craftsmen also paint on the surface of the pots making them unique. Prices are also not that expensive so you can buy plenty of traditional small clay pots and items in order to give as presents or decorate your house with some traditional Greek crafts and arts. This will for sure remind you of your vacation in Crete in the best possible way.

What you should also seek for is some ceramic hand painted frames that can be hung on the wall. Being handmade means that each one is unique, and many of our tourists say that they resemble an art piece as despite their smaller dimension this resembles an art piece or an art painting being hung in their living room or bedroom.

Vacation in Crete: Souvenir Ideas - Greek Pottery
Vacation in Crete: Souvenir Ideas – Greek Pottery (Handcrafted)

Vacation in Crete: Full of Carte Postales !

An all time classic souvenir from your vacation in Crete or Greece is a carte postale. From the early years of Greek tourism in the ‘60s and 70’s carte postale was a top priority item for everyone that needed some souvenirs from their vacation. Not only can they be shipped, or posted easily and cheaply everywhere, but they also carry all the memories that you may have from your vacation experiences.

We recommend that you buy loads of them (as the cost next to nothing) but also pick them from different places through your vacation in Crete. By this way you can remember the places that you visited on your vacation, let alone inspire your friends and relatives with your Cretan experience.

Our opinion.

Platanias Ariston recommends that you combine all of those souvenir ideas in addition to anything else that you may like or want to get as a souvenir from your vacation in Crete. The ones that we described are an authentic choice for travellers from many years and for sure will make great impact to those intended to receive them. Either way, we are certain that you will find special items that resemble your personal taste and character in order to remember Crete forever!