Vacation in Chania: 4 alternative things to do

Vacation in Chania- Hiking in Chania- Platanias Ariston
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Vacation in Chania: 4 alternative things to do

  Chania, Crete and Greece in general are amongst one of the most popular tourist destinations and for a good reason. A long tradition in hospitality, one of the oldest civilizations worldwide, long history, folklore tradition and amazing places all over Greece make our beautiful country one of the most common choices for vacation. Vacation in Chania is also a very common thing as our prefecture is one of the most tourist areas in Greece.

Vacation in Chania: An awesome Place to be.

Platanias Ariston is one of the most prominent tourist areas of Crete, and this is why it is one of the best choices amongst travellers for vacation in Chania. In this article from our blog we will pinpoint some alternative things to do when on vacation.

Many tourists choose Chania for its beautiful beaches, it’s nice nature, Samaria Gorge , and many picturesque villages of Chania mainland. However Chania is full of surprises, and there are many alternatives for exploration and relaxation for all tastes.

Hiking in Chania.

  Chania is considered a hiker’s paradise.And this is not only because of Samaria Gorge, but also because of the many other smaller gorges, and hikers’ paths that can be found all over Chania. A large amount of hiking trails is also possible to be found in Chania and most importantly for free, and away from mass tourism areas and crowded places. Two places we strongly recommend that you try are Irini Gorge and Gorge of Meskla- Sarakina. Irini Gorge is a nice second alternative to the great gorge of Samaria.

It’s about 8 klm in length, and has an equal breathtaking environment as the gorge of Samaria. At the end of Irini Gorge you can enjoy a swim in the famous beach of Sougia making vacation in Chania an unforgettable experience. It is ideal also for the most inexperienced travelers- hikers not only because the distance is much shorter, but also the descent is much lesser, making it easier for your legs as well.

Vacation in Chania- Hiking in Chania- Platanias Ariston
Vacation in Chania- Hiking in Chania- Platanias Ariston

Another alternative (and free as well) is to pay a visit to Meskla village, on the foothills of White mountains. It is a typical village of Chania mainland with a small number of habitants but rich in history, tradition and beauty. In a very close distance from the village square starts a small but very beautiful gorge , the gorge of Meskla- Sarakina. The terrain is rocky and some rocks have been eroded so much from rainwater that nearly resemble man made sculptures! The gorge of meskla is only some km away, and as soon as you finish you either can climb all the way to Zourva Village, or take a path back to Meskla Village.

Vacation in Chania: Secluded Beaches.

Our island is full of secluded beaches, bays and shores across its dimensions. You will definitely find some secluded spots where you can feel like a local, away from tourist areas. Finding a secluded spot can make you feel Crete even better and admire our island’s beauty and countryside. Blending in with the locals is also possible, which for many of our visitors in Platanias Ariston  is what they seek.

We recommend you go to the Akrotiri region (its the area where the airport is-from which you likely landed in Chania) and search for beaches on the perimeter of the region. Kalathas Beach is a good alternative with nice views, Agios Onoufrios beach , and Tersanas beach are all good alternatives. There will be only few visitors and mainly families making it a good secluded and friendly alternative to the famous beaches in Chania. The waters are clean and shallow making it perfect for families.

Vacation in Chania: Secluded beaches: Platanias Ariston Hotel
Vacation in Chania: Secluded beaches: Platanias Ariston Hotel

A history lovers pick: Visit Therisso.

If you fancy a small journey away from the beaches then Therisso is for you. Therisso village is in very close distance from Chania centre and in order to get there you pass by car (or on foot) through a beautifully formed gorge. There are plenty of shops and taverns in this beautiful and picturesque village and also a lovely museum that was used as the headquarters for the Therisso revolt back in 1905.

Back in 1905 Crete was an autonomous state, ruled by the so-called great forces of Europe at that time. In 1905 some partisans made a revolt in order to demand the unification of Crete with Greece.

This revolt was not successful, as it did not meet its goal, although it opened the way in order for this to happen in 1913, which is the starting date we are part of Greece. Therisso village is not close- but not very far away either- from Chania town centre , thus the center of command back in the day, that is why the partisans decided to pick this village for the revolt. One of the leaders of the revolt is called Eleftherios Venizelos, and later he was also a prime minister for Greece.

He was so successful in Greek political history that our country’s main airport is also named after him. A visit to the revolt museum in Therissos village is a must, as well as some traditional cretan food in taverns nearby.

Visit Botanical Park in Omalos.

A great alternative for tourists is also to visit Botanical Park and Gardens of Crete. Our island is also home to one of the most recognized botanical parks in the world and a visit to Botanical Park is a must for nature lovers. It is situated in Skordalou village, in the foothills of Omalos Plateau and on its 200 acres of land hosts many rare plants, herbs and trees as well some species only indigenous to Crete.

It also has a large amount of animals that reside in the gardens making it an ideal journey for families. A walk around Botanical Park & Gardens of Crete can last up to 3 hours, and it is sure that you will get astounded by the flora and fauna it hosts.

Botanical Park- Flowers and Animals. Omalos Plateau Chania
Botanical Park- Flowers and Animals. Omalos Plateau Chania

It is certain that if you follow our advice, your vacation in Chania is going to be an unforgettable experience. We, at Platanias Ariston, are always here to welcome you and make your dreams come into reality. We wish you a nice and pleasant vacation in Chania!