Travelling in Crete- 3 Things NOT to do!

Samaria Gorge View from Above- Chania, Crete, Greece- Jimzoun, Samaria Gorge - Crete, Greece (3), CC BY-SA 4.0
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Travelling in Crete- 3 Things NOT to do!

A lot of Platanias Ariston Executive Hotel visitors are again travelling in Crete with one thing in mind: Vacation, sandy beaches, sun, impeccable beauty and relaxation. Crete is an island full of opportunities and many tourists are coming year after year for vacations in Chania due to the said credentials. However there are some things that also need attention in order to avoid misunderstandings and thus enjoy your vacation to the fullest.

Travelling in Crete: Respect our homeland.

Crete is a vast island, full of Gorges  of enormous beauty, many kilometers of sandy coastlines and much, much more. However when travelling in Crete you have to bear in mind that you are having a vacation in Chania which, as every other place has its idiosyncrasies and peculiarities.

If you are having your vacation in central areas, like Platanias where Platanias Ariston Executive Hotel is situated most probably you will have no problems communicating, interacting and having an awesome vacation in Crete. Most of the people in central and touristic areas have got used to having a constant tourist presence and they will try their best in order to fulfill your needs. You will have absolutely no problem interacting and having quality time with locals there.

However Crete is not only the central touristic places and we insist that you also see and explore the untouched and uncharted version of Crete. Many villages of mainland Crete, as well as many places on the Cretan Highlands  have a completely different temperament and composure than the central areas. People on the Cretan Highlands are proud, fiercely proud. You have to be more careful with your words, your body language and even sign language.

The local people that live on higher altitudes are even more friendly and hospitable, however you need to pay a closer attention to your manners. If they insist on treating you with some Cretan delicacies you have to comply and accept it as a gift. You may be travelling in Crete on foot, enjoying a long hike passing through our mainland’s villages. Even if you don’t know anybody on the central Καφενείον (Cafeteria- Coffee shop) it is a kind and polite gesture to sign, say hello, and acknowledge their presence and make them feel recognizable and honored by your presence.

Travelling in Crete- Samaria Gorge journey
Travelling in Crete- Samaria Gorge journey-Platanias Ariston Hotel in Chania- LapplaenderSamaria Gorge 03CC BY-SA 3.0 DE 

Vacation in Crete:Don’t fight with locals.

It may go without saying but you certainly don’t need to go into any fights or quarrels during your vacation in Crete. Unnecessary quarrels and shouting will lead to nowhere and you certainly don’t want this to happen during your vacation in Crete.

If you are travelling in Crete by car  you have to always obey the traffic rules and if some locals misbehave road wise you don’t need to infuriate or start a fight with them, just let bygones be bygones. As we already described, Cretans of the highlands are fiercely proud, which means that even if they may not be right on some topic they most likely stick to it, and you have to avoid misunderstandings that may ruin your mood and ultimately your vacation day.

CHora Sfakion-Sfakia Travelling in Crete
Chora Sfakion-Sfakia – Travelling in Crete- Tango7174Crete HoraSfakion2 tango7174CC BY-SA 4.0

Respect our Natural environment.

As it is widely known, Crete has an incredible natural environment and beautiful beaches. This means that everyone has to respect them and not leave any litter on the natural environment of our island.

Accordingly you have to obey our municipality laws and don’t take any natural souvenirs with you. It is a common tactic of tourists to be taking rocks and stones from our many gorges, shells from our beaches and even sand from our most well known precious beaches like Elafonisi. This is a disrespect not only to Greek laws but to nature as well, as the natural beauty has to be preserved for the next generations and generations to come! By preserving everything of Crete’s wilderness we protect and highlight our island’s peculiarities and beauties that ultimately make Crete one of the most beautiful Greek islands.

Elafonisi beach- Platanias Ariston
Elafonisi beach- Platanias Ariston Executive Hotel, Platanias Chania Crete

If you comply with the travelling tips we proposed you will absolutely make travelling in Crete an unforgettable experience and you will definitely make a self promise to return back to the near future. Most of our guests fell in love not only with Crete’s natural beauty but with local people as well, especially those of the Cretan Highlands we already talked about! Its on your hand to discover them!

Botanical Park & Gardens of Crete- Flowers and Animals. Omalos Plateau Chania
Botanical Park & Gardens of Crete- Flowers and Animals. Omalos Plateau Chania