Spa in Chania: Why its a vacation must!

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Spa in Chania: Why its a vacation must!

   Many tourists who are on a vacation in Crete are looking for a spa in Chania. The peacefulness, the invigoration, the relaxation, and the equilibrium that you feel during your vacation when doing a spa is something that many of our guests in Platanias Ariston crave. Our guest’s reviews are much time pointing out our excellent spa services in Chania and in this post from our travel blog we will number many of the perks of doing spa in Chania when on vacation.

Spa in Chania: Destress yourself now!

Platanias Ariston has a separate Spa on its Premises and offers an excellent opportunity for vacationers (and our lovely guests) for a destressing spa in Chania. When having a Spa experience your body muscles and your skin are relieved and your body parts are wholesomely invigorated. 

spa in Chania- hotel spa platanias ariston -Platanias, Chania
spa in Chania- hotel spa platanias ariston -Platanias, Chania

Anti Aging properties of spa

Our spa in Chania is offering top services and top quality products on our spa sessions. Our awarded products help to counteract wrinkles by giving the skin extra hydration and better stimulation. Doing a spa when on vacation in Chania will certainly help to fight against the aging conditions that you may want to battle against. 

Sleep Better

Vacation means relaxation and long rewarding sleep. Your vacation is your time off work and duties, and this means that you definitely need better sleep. Spa sessions ultimately help with that as the spa relaxes your muscles and helps to take the edge off your body. Better and lower heart rates as well as lower blood pressure help with better sleep accordingly.

Beautiful Flowers- Platanias Ariston Hotel in Chania, Crete. Greece
Beautiful Flowers- Platanias Ariston Hotel in Chania, Crete. Greece

Increase your happiness with a spa in Chania.

In the same manner, as a good night’s sleep, a spa massage session in Chania can increase your happiness levels which will make your vacations in Chania even more enjoyable. Many of our hotel’s in Platanias guests are looking for a happy vacation and thus a spa in Chania is an opportunity that they absolutely want to take a grasp on. 

This is due to the fact that spa sessions are well known to release serotonin which is a hormone deeply associated with happiness. Your mood will radically change with a spa and the happiness boost will ultimately continue and on the following days of your relaxing vacations. 

hotels with spa in Chania - Platanias Ariston hotel - spa areas
hotels with spa in Chania – Platanias Ariston hotel – spa areas

Spa tends to relieve skin and dermal conditions.

The exceptional quality products that are used in our spa in Chania are commonly known to help promote radiant and blissful skin as it cleans and hydrates the pores of your face and skin. Some dermal conditions that you may have will be certainly affected in an effective way with a thorough professional spa session. 

Spa Relaxation and Mental Health.

Aromas, relaxing and calm music, and gentle gestures by our spa practitioners in Chania are only some of the highlights of our spa. Our masseur will do everything that is needed to relax you both physically as well as mentally. Mental peacefulness is being done with music, aromas, gentle movements of our masseurs and is also derived through the whole body euphoria being possible after the spa. 

Platanias Ariston Decoration
Platanias Ariston Decoration

Other health benefits.

Physical well-being is another part that many of our guests have highlighted as a spa advantage. Many people with arthritis or muscle tension have found out many physical benefits after their spa treatment and many others have realized progress in their productivity and their self-confidence not only when on vacation but also lasting after their return to their homeland.

What Platanias Ariston Executive Beach Resort Recommends.

Platanias Ariston offers you luxury accommodation in Platanias, Chania Crete. Luxury Boutique Suites are awaiting you to elevate your senses. Our pool will invigorate you and relax your tension and we recommend a combination of pool time with some spa massage sessions in order to escalate your relaxation and sense of well-being. 

Don’t hesitate to contact us for a special massage spa therapy in Chania and let us introduce you to a world of aromas, calmness, and well-being.