Journey in Chania : 5 Free things to do

Things to do in Chania-Hiking Samaria Gorge- Lapplaender, Samaria Gorge 09, CC BY-SA 3.0 DE
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Journey in Chania : 5 Free things to do

Platanias Ariston is for many years now an established choice for travelers seeking a vacation in Chania. Our guests are reviewing the location of Platanias as a top choice for a holiday in Crete and many guests have already seeking places for a Journey in Chania while on vacation. In this post, we will uncover some free things to do in Chania town. 

Journey in Chania: One Destination- Countless Opportunities

The town of Chania is offering us countless opportunities for entertainment, fun, and fulfillment for those who are enjoying their summer vacation there. All of the free and alternative things that we propose to do in Chania are at a close distance and can be reached by car.

Journey in Chania and Travelling in Crete- Samaria Gorge journey
Travelling in Crete- Samaria Gorge journey-Platanias Ariston Hotel in Chania

  Visit Venizelos Graves in Chania.

  Venizelos Graves is a very famous free attraction in Chania. There are situated in the Prophet Elijah hill with a prominent view of the city of Chania. It is the resting place of two very famous politicians of the 20th century, Eleftherios and Sofoklis Venizelos both of which were born in Chania. Our hometown is proud of those two individuals and we have picked the best view of the town as their resting spot. 

Venizelos Graves Church in Chania- Cplakidas, Venizelos graves St Elijah church, CC BY-SA 3.0
Venizelos Graves Church in Chania- CplakidasVenizelos graves St Elijah churchCC BY-SA 3.0

  There is a park where you can enjoy the sea view and sightseeing  and there is a picturesque church that you can also admire the traditional Byzantine architecture.  You can also combine your sightseeing with a nice dinner in the neighboring shops and cafeterias overlooking the Aegean sea and the town of Chania.

   Flora and Fauna Park – A wonderful Retreat!

 Many of the visitors that are coming for vacation in Chania are big fans of nature, and this is why we heavily insist on visiting Botanical Park & Gardens of Crete which combines both in a unique manner.

  However, another great alternative, and very close to Venizelos Graves is another small journey opportunity in Chania town. The Flora and Fauna park is another free activity and Journey in Chania that is suitable for all ages and every time of the day. It is situated in the Akrotiri area and offers impeccable views of the city of Chania, as well as a natural environment full of flowers and fauna that will make your journey in Chania a worthwhile experience. 

 Journey in Chania? Head for the mountains!

  If you are planning an excursion to Chania then the mountains may be a good choice for you. Chania and our island of Crete has a big presence of mountain regions as well as mountain settlements that can make you feel what real Crete is. There are also a lot of private free museums to visit in the Chania area that will educate you and make your holidays a better experience.

  We will disclose two free museums that you can visit while being on Vacation in Chania. The first one is on the Village of Theriso  and is actually the headquarters of the revolution that led to the unification of Crete with Greece. As soon as you are on a journey in Chania, it is vital that you also learn things about the past of our homeland. It is situated 50 meters away and you can follow the signs in order to find the museum which is situated in a narrow alley

Therisso Gorge and Therisso Village in Chania- Jerzy Strzelecki, Theriso1(js), CC BY-SA 3.0
Therisso Gorge and Therisso Village in Chania- Jerzy StrzeleckiTheriso1(js)CC BY-SA 3.0

  Another free museum for your journey in Chania is the Olive Museum in Vouves. Vouves is a village very close to Platanias Ariston Beach resort executive and is nominated as one of the oldest olive trees of the world with an age that spans from 3000 to 5000 years of age. You can pass your journey in Chania admiring the “thesaurus” of Cretan soil and what Crete proudly produces the Cretan Extra virgin olive oil. Next to the ancient olive tree, there is a free museum dedicated to the tradition of olive oil-making processes and its nutritional values to the consumer. 


   Undoubtedly, there are many things that you can do in Chania, whether they are free or not. We have proposed those free things to do on your Journey in Chania that will make you feel original Crete, spend valuable time on our island while you relax on our resort in Platanias. A spa may also be of value after a long but rewarding journey and our hotel staff is ready to assist you and make your vacation unforgettable!