Holidays in Crete: 5 Phone numbers for a stress free stay.

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Holidays in Crete: 5 Phone numbers for a stress free stay.

Platanias Ariston is an Executive Luxury Beach Resort situated in Platanias, Chania. Many of our clients are not looking for a vacation in Crete, however, the impeccable beauty and the hospitality of our island is well known throughout the world and this is a solid reason why nowadays so many people are looking for holidays in Crete and especially in Platanias.  Sandy beaches, reputable restaurants, and other shops, blissful sun, gorges of impeccable beauty are what make Crete nowadays a top tourist destination. 

In this informative blog about Crete, we will inform you about crucial phone numbers in order to be prepared and enjoy your holidays in Crete to the fullest. Whatever journey you decide to do in Crete things sometimes may not go as planned, and this is why all governmental services are working around the clock in order to assist you with everything you may need or in case you need help.

Holidays in Crete: A beautiful part of Greece.

As of 1913 Crete is a part of Greece. This means that the governmental sector and every service that you may call is Greek and part of our home country. This makes you rest assured that your holidays in Crete are guaranteed by the Greek state and the ministry of Tourism

Holidays in Crete- Chania Old Harbour Mosque
Chania Old Harbour Mosque- Vacations in Greece & ChaniaBernard GagnonJanissaries Mosque, ChaniaCC BY-SA 3.0 

Holidays in Crete: Emergency Phone Numbers.

When having holidays in Crete there is a small chance (as of everywhere) that a little accident or incident can occur. You can rest assured that you will not be alone in this, and by contacting the right service everything will be shortened out very fast.

Hellenic Police can be dialed through your phone by dialing 100. Fire Brigade can be called on the Number 199 and an Ambulance or Paramedic or general medical attention can be contacted through 166. Those are the 3 most crucial for numbers to have in mind when having a journey in Crete or if you are away from your hotel, for example going for a long stroll with your rental car. All the above numbers can be dialed directly without any prefix and are all free of charge.

Chania Vacation- Sightseeing for romantics- Platanias Ariston
Chania Vacation- Sightseeing for romantics- Platanias Ariston

For further assistance, or for things that are not that urgent you can always contact us in order to sort things out for you. Greece is famous for its hospitality, and even from mythology, Greek god Zeus was the patron of hospitality. In the same manner, Platanias Ariston beach hotel will always make sure that you feel like home when doing your holidays in Crete. For easier access, our telephone number is  +30 28210 68188 and we suggest that you also save it on your phone. 

Don’t forget the European emergency telephone number when on holiday in Crete.

112 is a European emergency phone number that can be called all over the European Union. This means that you can also keep it in mind for your holidays in Crete. It covers all emergencies so if you feel you are in need of anything -even during your vacation holidays – feel free to contact it. 112 can be also dialed without prefix and is also free of charge.

Most importantly 112 also has geotracking services, which means that the call center will approximately know your location and can easily reach you if you are in need. It can then forward your emergency situation in the appropriate public service (i.e. paramedic) for faster resolution times. 

Platanias Ariston resort in Chania- hotels and suites in Chania- Interior area with view
Platanias Ariston hotels and suites in Chania- Interior area with view

Note that 112 and other emergency phone numbers that we disclosed can also be called even without a sim card. Although in that case, public services can not reach you back because of the lack of phone numbers.

Hospitals during your vacation holidays in Crete.

In the unlikely event that you need a doctor or a hospital service, you can also rest assured that your holidays will not be ruined. Public health services in Greece are free for everyone, and even if you need something more than a regular doctor appointment or check-up, chances are that your insurance will cover the extra cost in order to enjoy your holidays in Crete or in Greece absolutely stress-free.

sea view restaurants in Platanias, sea front restaurant dinner in Chania- Olive Tree Restaurant
sea view restaurants in Platanias, sea front restaurant dinner in Chania- Olive Tree Restaurant

However, Platanias Ariston Beach Resort Executive is also recommending that you also issue a European Health Insurance card which will certainly speed things up if you need a doctor.  Apart from the issuance of the card, we also recommend that you save some other important phone numbers for an absolutely happy and stress-free stay in Crete. 

Happy and safe travels!