Chania Vacation- Sightseeing for Romantics !

Chania Vacation- Sightseeing for romantics- Platanias Ariston
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Chania Vacation- Sightseeing for Romantics !

Platanias Ariston is situated in very close distance from town centre, thus making it an ideal place for tourists that want a Chania Vacation. Chania is a top place for travelers because of its beauty, its sandy beaches and long history. Moreover it is also a top pick for newlyweds or romantics because of our beautiful scenery, our picturesque places and of course the lovely scorching summer sun and long nights.

Chania vacation: Sightseeing for romantics!

Our region offers many choices for everyone’s taste, making a vacation in Chania good for everyone. In this article from Platanias Ariston we will give you useful hints for romantic places making Chania vacation an ideal place for couples. The things we propose are free, and can be done any time of the day so you can organize your vacation time better and have freedom of movement.

Chania Vacation- Balos : Platanias Ariston Beach Resort Executive, Chania
Chania Vacation- Balos : Platanias Ariston Beach Resort Executive, Chania

Visit Chania old town.

Without a doubt, Chania old town is a must for everyone. Long walks and wandering around in our capital’s old town is something everyone should do in their vacation. Chania old town is romantic because of its countless picturesque backstreet alleys full of flowers and aromas. Hundreds of souvenir shops, taverns and businesses of any kind add to your romantic experience.

We recommend you walk up to the Agyptian lighthouse and admire the romantic sunset there. It may be a strenuous task but it surely is worth the effort. Needless to say that is a must for an ideal Chania Vacation to visit the old town in the afternoon and stay there until night time- possibly combining a romantic walk with a romantic dinner nearby!

Visit Venizelos Graves.

Another must is a visit to Prophet Elijah hill- or most commonly named, Venizelos Graves. Venizelos Graves might not resemble anything romantic by its name but it is a place with one of the most breathtaking views of Chania town centre anyone can find. It also a resting place of two famous politicians of our past (Eleftherios Venizelos and his son, Sofoklis) and this is why they decided to rest them in such a lovely and breathtaking place. There is a large park with a lovely church inside that you can walk or enjoy a beer snack with impeccable views of Chania City down below.

We also recommend that you visit Venizelos Graves at afternoon times and also bring a car with you. Distance from the town centre is only 3 kilometers, and there are some nice cafeterias in a proximate distance offering you lovely coffee and inspired desserts with the same awesome views of the city. Platanias Ariston recommends that you combine a walk through Venizelos Graves park, as well as some romantic dinner/ cocktail in the neighbouring shops for an elevated romantic experience.

Visit Georgioupoli Area.

In case you have a car, an excellent alternative is also to visit Georgioupoli area. Georgioupoli is approximately 50 km away from Platanias Ariston and is on the border of Chania and Rethymnon prefecture. It is ideal for romantics as it offers lots of shops, lovely taverns and cafeterias and also a very romantic church with a long path on top of the beach. You get there through a narrow passage and it offers nice sightseeing views of the Cretan sea, as well as Georgioupoli Area.

We recommend that you absolutely visit this famous church built on absolute sea level and enjoy a breathtaking sightseeing experience. You can then continue your small journey into the area and explore many hidden spots for relaxation and sightseeing as the area is ashore and there are many swimming and relaxation opportunities.

Eat fish in Kolymbari area.

Some kilometers away from Platanias Ariston to the west lies the famous fishermen village of Kolymbari. Kolymbari hosts many hotels but has also places relatively hidden from those looking for a Chania Vacation. Kolymbari still offers some primitive taverns that offer you excellent sea views of Kissamos Bay and its neighbouring peninsula as well as fresh local tasty fish for a romantic dinner. It may sound simple, but it’s also authentic and secluded, thus offering you a romantic dinner that you will remember for a long time.

There is a small harbour nearby where you can stroll after your dinner and enjoy a nice sightseeing course. We also recommend that you visit Kolymbari in the afternoon, when the summer heat wave is not that strong and when you can relax and ease off from your daily vacation stress.

Chania Vacation?  What we recommend!

We, at Platanias Ariston, recommend that you take your time in everything that you do. Exploring Crete at your own pace is of paramount importance and we also believe that you have to fully explore and indulge yourselves into everything that you do. You may pick some of our recommendations, and we also advise you to rent a car at least for some days during your vacation. It will make things much much easier, and save you time in the long run, thus focusing on things that really matter, which obviously is your vacation!

Chania Vacation- Luxury Vacation in Chania: Platanias Ariston
Chania Vacation- Luxury Vacation in Chania: Platanias Ariston