Car rental in Chania: 5 Essential Tips

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Car rental in Chania: 5 Essential Tips

     Car rental in Chania is what most travelers do. Car is very important on your vacation in Chania because of the deserted places of interest, the remote beaches and the ease of transport that a car offers. Although bus and taxis are readily available in Chania, car rental is the right choice for most of the travelers that need fast, dependable and go-to everywhere transportation. In this guide we have compiled some essential tips that you need to take into consideration when renting a car in Chania.

  Car rental in Chania: Give it an extensive look.

  When assigning a contract with a car rental company everything should be in written form when receiving the car. Notice any car body imperfections and ask them to be written on paper. Any small dents, scratches or blemishes have to also be stated because you may be requested to pay damage fees when returning the car back to the company.

You are also advised to take multiple photos of various angles of the car in order to have a digital copy of what the car condition looks like.  By doing this, you will be rest assured that you will have proof of the damages that are present in the car prior to using it.

Car rental in Chania- Platanias Ariston Executive Hotel
Car rental in Chania- Platanias Ariston Executive Hotel- DerSvensonRental car from Rent-A-WreckCC BY-SA 3.0 

  Check the fuel level: Car rental Essential

  One of the things many of Platanias Ariston Executive Hotel’s vacationers forget to do is to check the fuel level when renting a car in Chania. Fuel level  has to also be  stated in the contract form because clients have to return their rental car in the same fuel level they received it. It may sound insignificant but many times tourists are forced to get a full tank of fuel on the way back while they only received a half tank upon the beginning of the rent. If you don’t want to pay extra for fuel you didn’t consume you will also need to take a very close look at the fuel gauge and be sure that its level is clearly stated in the contract.

  Be careful about car insurance.

  Car insurance is an essential car rental add on and you need to be careful about the insurance plan you will need (Or may not need). Car insurance may- in some cases- cost more than the car rental amount and you definitely need to see the insurance plans in order to get the right plan for you. Many of the insurance plans cover things that you may not need at all during your vacations in Chania while other plans may need some adjusting to fit your needs.

Platanias Ariston Executive Hotel is proposing that you have an insurance plan in order to avoid unpleasant surprises during your holiday, but insists that you do a thorough market research about pricing and plans.

Platanias Ariston Executive Hotel Pool
Platanias Ariston Executive Hotel Pool- Enjoy your Vacations in Greece

  Car rental when vacationing in Chania : Book in advance.

   We also heavily suggest that you do a price check prior to your arrival for vacation in Chania. You also need to check the car rental firm reviews and bear in mind that you need to approach them with a pinch of salt. Some reviews may be from people who didn’t understand what they signed upon, resulting in paying unwanted fees that they were well informed prior to the contract. Also, people tend not to write good reviews often – because they naturally assume that good service is the norm- and only complain when bad things happen.

Booking in advance with a reliable car company will for sure save you a lot of fuss on your Chania Vacation and you may also take advantage of some discounts and offers by booking in advance. Then you will be rest assured that everything will be set for your arrival in Chania.

Rental car
Car rental in Chania Tips- Platanias Ariston Hotel- Chania- Richard Mayer, Rent a car – panoramio (1)CC BY 3.0 

  Don’t get expensive add ons.

   It is safe to admit that vacations in Chania and Crete is an excellent and safe tourist destinations. However car rental companies are profit organizations and may up sell you on things that you don’t really need. A car GPS is nowadays not an essential car rental accessory as your smartphone with downloadable google maps will work just as well, and you will save 5-10 euros per day from not renting a GPS device.

In the same path, if you only need to stay for vacation in Chania, you may need to designate only one driver for your trip and thus avoid paying extra fees for the added drivers into your car rental contract. However, we believe that you have to pay extra for safety gear you may need. A child seat, a spare tyre, or road assistance will not break the bank, but will provide you with the necessary added value needed into your trip.

  Car rental in Chania should not be a nightmare. And it is not. Many reputable and viable businesses are working in this sector and can provide you with quality cars that will make vacation in chania a road worthy experience.

Whether you are choosing a small local business or a big multinational company to rent with, by having in mind those crucial tips you will have no problems and you will enjoy your car to the fullest. In case you need any road assistance Greek public services will be there to assist you for free. We insist that you save those numbers on your cell phone and have them just in case, if anything occurs.

rental car on the beach- Platanias Ariston Hotel Chania Crete
rental car on the beach- Platanias Ariston Hotel Chania Crete- Chika Watanabe from Los Altos, USA, Rent-a-car in Bonaire (1888279413)CC BY 2.0