The Olive Tree Restaurant

A basic reference point on the “map of tastes” and sophisticated dining both in Platanias Town and in the wider Chania region, offering genuine local cuisine on an “a la carte “ menu, is the restaurant of the Platanias Ariston Hotel with its unique characteristics.

Relax while enjoying our hospitality, the fascinating view of the vast blue seas, the fresh food cooked with herbs and fruit coming from the “Botanical Park and Gardens of Crete” .

Cretan Diet

Top quality natural products are the basis of our traditional cuisine, where ingredients and their flavours are not affected or changed by excessive spices. The main ingredients of the Cretan diet are pure virgin olive oil, wild greens, vegetables, pulses, fish, meat, sea food, wine and tsikoudia (or raki , as you may know it)!In addition to these, there is a great variety of cheeses , especially Cretan graviera, “anthotiros” and “myzithra”. Yoghurt, honey, fresh orange juice and various fruit supplement this valuable, healthy diet.

Crete has one of the oldest and tastiest culinary traditions of the world, a tradition of flavours, aromas, ingredients and techniques originating from prehistoric years and continuing up to the present day.


You will be surprised by the blend of local history, culture and nature, found in your daily meals which are based on genuine Cretan flavours and tastes.

Breakfast served at the hotel

Only A Part Of The “Platanias Ariston” Breakfast

  • “dakos” Rusks sprinkled with olive oil, topped with “myzithra” cheese, fresh tomato and oregano green and black table olives seasonal fruit produced in the “Botanical Park & Gardens of Crete”
  • seasonal fruit produced in the “Botanical Park & Gardens of Crete”
  • gruyere , myzithra, feta cheeses produced locally by small- scale farmers
  • thyme honey
  • bougatsa” with “myzithra” cheese
  • home made fruit preserves and marmelades
  • “apaki” Smoked pork meat
  • “kalitsounia” (little pies containing], herbs and/or cheese
  • freshly- baked breadhome
  • “lychnarakia” (little pies comtaining) sweet “myzithra” cheesefresh orange juice
  • fresh orange juice
  • “malotira” (local endemic mountain tea)
  • fresh milk locally produced
  • raisins and walnuts locally produced
  • home made cakes in various flavours
  • local yoghurt