botanical park & gardens of Crete- restaurant- Omalos Plateau
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Botanical Park and Gardens of Crete – Restaurant

Botanical Park & Gardens of Crete- Restaurant Nearly 20 hectares of land are waiting to welcome you, full of fruit trees from all over the world, herbs, medicinal and ornamental plants in a park different from others, where the land’s formation and the region’s microclimate make it a paradise for... Continue reading
Elafonisi beach- Platanias Ariston
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Elafonisi may well be one of the loveliest beaches on the whole island of Crete! Its emerald crystal clear waters and the white sand dunes are sure to fascinate you.
Gramvousa- Platanias Ariston - Hotel Platanias Ariston
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The two islands, Gramvousa and Wild Gramvousa, are located on the tip of the homonymous peninsula in north-western Crete. Next to the first island (called “tame”Gramvoussa due to the fact that it’s easily accessible) there are the remains of an old Venetian fortress (dating back to 1579). Despite the fact... Continue reading
Samaria Gorge- Platanias Ariston
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Samaria Gorge

The longest gorge in Europe is located 43 kms. away from the city of Chania. It starts at a trail named “Xyloskalo” on the southern part of the Omalos plateau. This marks the entrance to the world famous Samaria Gorge. Soon after you start your trip downwards on this trail,... Continue reading